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About Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is an ecological asset of Australia that houses an extensive flora and 1258 animals that belong to 164 species. Operating for 124 years, this zoo has been one of the most significant places in Perth and witnesses 700,000+ visitors annually. With your Perth zoo entry tickets, you can notice that the zoo has been a hub for entertainment since the 20th century. An enchanting zoo train runs through it as it houses a pleasing carousel ride for small kids. A hub for recreational activities, this zoo holds various animal encounters to boost connectivity. You can go on a guided tour inside the zoo to explore various dedicated zones for mammals, reptiles, birds, and many other animals. You can indulge in encounter sessions with animals like giraffes, penguins, rhinoceroses, lions, dingo, lemurs, red panda, and some Australia-special creatures. If you get Perth zoo tickets for your kids, there are many programs for children and students to learn about animals and nature. Through its education about wildlife and conservation measures, the zoo stands out among other animal attractions. The zoo holds a high status due to its full-time membership in the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) and the prestigious Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA). These memberships let the zoo partner with other zoos and conservation bodies internationally to preserve animals.

Why To Book Perth Zoo Tickets?

Booking Perth Zoo tickets online is a good way to escape long queues at the ticket counters. Owing to the popularity of the zoo, tickets frequently go sold out. To escape big lines and ensure your visit to the zoo, you must get Perth zoo entry tickets in advance. The online booking system lets you choose the date and time of your arrival at the zoo with instant confirmation.

  • Say hello to 1258 magnificent animals belonging to 165 rare species.

  • With Perth Zoo tickets, explore 41 acres of Asian rainforest.

  • Be a part of guided tours into various exhibits of the zoo.

  • Check out the ride of a zebra car as a part of a guided expedition.

  • Watch the zookeepers feed and interact with the wildest creatures.

  • Watch giraffes, rhinoceros, penguins, dingoes, tigers, lions, gibbons, koalas, tasmanian devils, etc live in their natural habitats freely.

  • Educate your kid through holiday educational programs about flora and fauna in Perth zoo entry tickets.

  • Tickets for Perth zoo give you access to the zoo and all its sections for 6 hours a day.

  • Observe and interact with a wide range of animals at the zoo and enjoy the day with your loved ones.

  • If you plan to take your babies inside, infants under the age of three can access them free of cost.

  • The Perth zoo tickets allow your children aged 4-15 to be charged on child prices while 16 and above are billed as adults.

What’s On Perth Zoo

With your tickets for Perth zoo, You can enjoy guided tours of different animal exhibits and watch the keepers interact with the animals closely. The close encounter activity lets you witness various animals like elephants, lions, rhinoceros, penguins, etc. If you want more fun, you can enjoy watching the zoo keepers feed and caresses the animals in the walks and talks activity. Besides being a hub for animal attractions, the Perth zoo entry tickets let your children indulge in educational programs about flora and fauna.

Close Encounters:

Perth zoo tickets let you be a part of an exciting interactive encounter with the calmest herbivores and the zoo’s wildest creatures. You can start your animal interactions with the friendly Australian giraffes in the Savannah Outlook Tower of the zoo. There are big Australian insects, and special animals like Koala that you can enjoy looking at. Further, you can encounter 50-year-old tortoises, dingoes, and enchanting penguins. During the evenings, the Perth zoo tickets give you access to Rhinoceroses' night quarters where you can get to know two of their best rhinos- Memphis and Bakari.

Kids and Youths Program:

With Perth zoo tickets, you can bring your child to learn about the animals and their habitat, behavior, and habits. The zoo has special programs for the kids to make them learn about flora and fauna. The cub club is a program for the youngest ones aged 1-2.5 years to learn and engage with the calmest animals. For children aged 2.5-5 years, the term based program of A to Z zoo educates little ones about Australian, Asian, and African animals. Furthermore, the keeper careers, keeper kids, zoo crew, wild vets, and OSH vacation center are some holiday programs offered within Perth Zoo tickets.

Walks and Talks:

Perth zoo tickets lets you enjoy the most popular activity ‘walk and talk’, wherein you go on a guided tour of animal exhibits. You can start with Elephant keeper talk to witness zoo keepers caressing and feeding them. You can enjoy keeper talk and feeding sessions with penguins, porcupines, white-cheeked gibbons, Javan gibbons, and otters. The main star of the keeper talks is Tasmanian Devils and Aussie special Koalas. The main highlight of the walk and talk activities is a Zebra car. Perth zoo tickets let you enjoy a guided tour in a 7-passenger-1-driver zebra car in various exhibits.

Know Before You Book Perth Zoo Tickets

Location: 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia.

Timings: Perth Zoo is open every day from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Best Time To Visit: If you have Perth zoo tickets, the best time for you to witness the zoo animals must be their most active period of the day. If you are a fan of Australia's special animals, you can consider finding them active during the morning. For reptiles, you can consider them to be a little less sluggish around 10 AM. While the carnivores are most active in the morning and late evenings. If you seek to enjoy walk and talk activity with the primates and several other nocturnals, evenings are the best time.

How To Reach:

By Car/Taxi: You can take a cab/taxi from Perth city center to reach Perth zoo within 14 minutes covering 4.3 km.

By Bus: Labouchere Rd Perth Zoo Bus Point. From there, you can reach Perth zoo by covering a distance of 700 meters within 2 minutes.

Perth Zoo Tickets FAQs

Do we need to book in advance for Perth Zoo Tickets?

Yes, you need to book Perth zoo tickets in advance. Perth zoo is one of Australia’s most popular zoos and is always super crowded with adults and kids alike. Large queues are witnessed at the ticket counters of the zoo. If you want to ensure your visit and enjoyment in the zoo, you must book tickets online for your preferred date.

What is the minimum age required to book Perth Zoo Tickets?

There is no age bar on Tickets for Perth zoo. You can take infants below the age of 3 free of cost to the zoo. Even for children aged 1, the zoo offers various learning programs related to flora and fauna.

Will I get a discount on booking Perth Zoo Tickets online?

Yes, you can get a discount on Perth Zoo entry tickets. The online booking system offers you a variety of deals, combos, promos, discounts, and offs. You can choose your favorite deal to avail an attractive discount.

Can we feed the animals inside Perth Zoo?

No, you cannot feed animals inside the zoo. Only zookeepers are allowed to feed the animals as you watch closely.

What is the best time to visit Perth Zoo?

The best time to visit is when the zoo animals are most active.

Reptiles: Mornings because around 10 a.m., reptiles should be a little less lethargic.

Carnivores: Most active early in the morning and late in the evening.

Primates: During the evenings because they make nests at night.

Is there any museum in Perth?

Yes, there are various museums in Perth like Western Australian Museum, Museum Of Perth and The Nostalgia Box Museum.

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