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Perth, the capital of western Australia has a stunning setting astride the Swan River where one can indulge in a plethora of fun and exciting activities. You can partake in some of the fantastic things to do in Perth including taking a tour around the Perth city and sand boarding at the large dunes of Pinnacle Deserts. During your exploration of this small isolated island, you can spot the happiest animals on earth, Quokka and click cute pictures with them. You can go for a historical heritage tour around the city and later, visit various national parks that will help you learn more about the native wildlife of Australia and various old growth forests.

One can wander through the Treetops at Kings Park and Botanic Garden or take a stroll through the old growth forests of Australia like Marri, Banksia and Tuart.If you wish to see some marine animals of Australia, try going on Penguin Island and Fremantle Town Tour where Mandurah Dolphins and Indo- Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins are easiest to find. If you wish to explore the countryside of Perth you should definitely choose Margaret River Sightseeing tour which would take you through the vineyards and chocolate factory sites.

Top Things To Do In Perth

Among the several places to visit with alot things to do in Perth, the top ones which will keep you entertained would be to go exploring the beautiful skyline of the city by taking the city tour. If you want to try some adventurous sports, try sand boarding at Pinnacles desert. A historical tour around the city would help you know the city better.

Perth City Tour

One of the exciting things to do in Perth is to take a tour around the Perth city and explore all the prominent attractions and landmarks. At the city you will visit Perth CBD and Kings Park Botanical garden, there you would be introduced to the floral diversity of the country. One of the highlights of the city tour and activities to do in Perth would be to take a walk over the Skyline which runs through a rainforest, where you might see different animals and birds while walking through the passageway.

Pinnacles Desert, Koalas & Sandboarding 4wd Adventure Tour

Set yourself on another journey of doing exciting activities in Perth and taste the best of the city with this adventurous tour. During the tour, you would visit the Caversham Wildlife Park which is located in the Swan valley and get to spend time with the cute and little animals like Koalas. Afterwards move to the Pinnacles Desert where you engage yourself in one of the adventurous things to do in Perth like sandboarding and later on driving in a 4 wheeler over the large sand dunes of Lancelin

Rottnest Island Tour From Perth

One of the best things to do in Perth is to go on a tour to Rottnest Island where you can enjoy the picturesque scenery and dazzling marine life. At the world’s finest beach, you can relax a bit or take a tour of its beauty and find Quokkas, the happiest animals on earth. And later on you go cycling and sightseeing around the island on a self guided tour, it would be amongst the best activities to do in Perth.

Mandurah Dolphin & Scenic Canal Cruise

If you love to explore and know about marine animals, then exploring the vast ocean in Perth would be a worthy activity. You often get to see cute Mandurah Dolphins and Indo- Pacific bottlenose Dolphins, in the waters of the city. One of the informative activities to do in Perth includes learning about the local species of wildlife and birds, the city is home to pelicans, ospreys and North Asia’s migratory birds. You would enjoy your time at the canal cruise which would expose you to the scenic views of the city and the river.

Penguin Island And Fremantle Town Tour

Penguin Island And Fremantle Town Tour is another exciting tour in Perth, where you find several marine animals like dolphins, seabirds and other local wildlife during a ferry ride. Besides hunting for the sightings of dolphins you can engage in other activities to do in Perth like encountering a sea lion of Shoalwater Bay. Along With exploring more about the marine lives other things to do in Perth during the tour would include visiting around the historic architectures of Fremantle Railway Station, Round House, Monument Hill and other beautiful structures.

Pinnacle Desert Sunset & Stargazing Tour From Perth

As you set yourself on an interesting journey of exploring the deserts of Perth, you would see thousands of huge limestone pillars rising from a stark landscape of dust. Amongst the best things to do in Perth includes witnessing the beauty of sunset in late afternoon at the Pinnacle desert. Be done with your dinner and get ready for stargazing a starry sky and rejuvenating your spirits which is yet another one of the exciting activities in Perth.

The Albany & Tree Top Walk Tour

The 2 days tour would let you witness the extremely beautiful landscape of the Albany region in the western Australia. As you enjoy the tour engage yourself in various things to do in Perth, like visiting the Diamond tree and climb upto a height from where the most spectacular views of the forest are visible. During the Tree Top Walk, you wander through the canopy of the ancient Triangle Forest, later proceed towards the Elephant rocks and take a dip in the clear waters of Greens Pool. The next day of the tour would include some best things to do in Perth like going around the rugged coastline of Natural Bridge & The Gap for ocean views and the Mt. Romance Sandalwood Factory where perfumes are manufactured.

Yanchep National Park and Crystal Cave Tour

The itinerary of the tour includes the most relaxing things to do in Perth like walking through the beautiful and huge trees of old growth forests of Marri, Banksia, Tuart, Jarrah and PaperBark. At the Yanchep National Park you would get insights into the history and significance of the park and spot some of the wildlife creatures like black swans, kookaburras, kangaroos, koalas and a range of colourful birds. Afterwards, head towards the underground crystal cave where a range of stalactites, a type of rock formation, would amaze you.

Perth Walking Tour

Join on for yet another walking tour through the city of Perth, where you will explore the lanes and alleys of the city that hides various stories and amazement with them. By participating in this, one of the exciting things to do in Perth, you will gain knowledge about the historical significance and stories about the city. You will be mostly walking through the Arcades and Laneways to roam around spots like the Central Business District and local pub of Northbridge where you can have your first drink without any cost.

Margaret River

Sightseeing Tour- Enjoy an amazing sightseeing tour around the river Margaret and the surrounding bustling market on its banks. The interesting things to do in Perth during the tour includes exploring the wine growing region in the South West and visiting Busselton for its famous and traditional jetty. On the nestled bridge you would enjoy spectacular views of Yallingup Beach and the Indian Ocean. Apart from it, utilise the opportunity to go around the beautiful vineyards and chocolate factory of the city.

Penguin Island Tour

The Penguin Island tour is one of the unique tours where you can spot the local marine animals like Dolphins and sea lions near Shoalwater bay. On the island tour you’d be indulged in one of the best things to do in Perth which is taking a short ferry ride and learning about the dolphins and marine wildlife. Remain tension free as the tickets of the tour would include a pick up and drop facility from your hotel.

The City Of Lights Tour

On an iconic and mesmerising “City of Lights” tour you would get an opportunity to travel through multicultural cuisine hubs of Northbridge and Chinatown. As you set yourself on the beautiful tour, experience a nighttime view of the city and its beautiful skyline. The various landmarks of the city that you will pass through during your tour are Perth Mint, the Bell Tower, Council House and the Parliament House.

Other Things To Do In Perth

Explore the diverse topography of Perth and try doing different exciting and refreshing things like basking on Perth's beaches and you can also visit the Perth Zoo. You can go to Swan Valley and enjoy its lush green gardens which is the best spot to plan a family picnic.

If you like the valley, you may further go ahead for Heirisson Island to make a little meet up with Kangaroos. Another thing in which you can keep yourself engaged is to explore the King's Park and Greenhouse, both of which are perfect for an evening stroll and relax for a bit.

Things To Do In Perth FAQs

Which are the best adventurous activities to do in Perth?

The best adventurous activities to do in Perth are sandboarding and driving through the sand dunes in Pinnacle Deserts and going on a scenic canal cruise to search for Mandurah and Indo-Pacific dolphins. The other activities that should not be missed are walking up the tree top in Albany and the Margaret River sightseeing tour. 

Which are the best things to do in Perth for Kids?

The best things to do in Perth for Kids are taking a walk tour around the city, meeting the dolphins at Rottnest island, stargazing at Pinnacle desert and taking a crystal cave tour at Yanchep National Park. 

What is special about Perth?

The city is full of various surprises, it’s a place where you can explore everything from marine animals to wildlife of Australia. The city also has many historical monuments like Perth Mint, the Bell Tower, Council House and the Parliament House which would help learn about the city better. The Pinnacle desert is located neary to the city as well where you can try some adventurous activities like sandboarding.

How to reach Perth?

**By Bus**- You can stop by the nearest stations to Perth which are Barrack St. Perth Station, Wellington St. Before Barrack St Westbound and Wellington St. Perth Station. 

**By Train**- The nearest railway stations to the city are Perth Underground and Mciver. You can drop at the stations and continue to the destination in the city further using a taxi or bus.

What is the best time to visit Perth?

The best time to visit the city of Perth is between September to November when the weather is sunny and spring-like. The fantastic weather makes it easy to explore and see all the attractions and participate in all the activities that can be done in Perth.

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